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Would you be interested in volunteering to help the Co-op?
As a small cooperative we rely on our volunteers and members to assist with many of the day to day operations of the co-op.  Some various tasks include packing bulk food, stocking shelves, taking inventory, cleaning, creating labels, and other various tasks around the store.

We also offer a discount for our volunteers as a thank you for their help and hard work!

Check out our volunteer schedule.

Benefits of Volunteering

The benefits of volunteering are numerous:

*    Help grow an important and valuable resource in our community
*    Help people realize the importance of knowing where their food comes from.
*    Co-ops help grow our local economy by providing local vendors to have a space to      sell their goods.  In volunteering and strengthening your co-op you also help our       local vendors.
*    Volunteers gain job skills and experience first hand.
*    The community benefits because when one local business grows it helps grow the economy for all local business and promote a more vibrant community for you live and work in.

We opened our doors thanks to the support of our members and community, we will continue to grow and succeed only with the help of our members and the community.  By volunteering your time you are able to support us in a non-monetary but extremely important way.  With a large group of great volunteers our staff will be given more time perform tasks that will move the co-op forward in it’s mission.

As a token of our appreciation for your help you will also receive a discount on one purchase per month based on the amount of hours worked.  You can accumulate your hours between the first and last day of each month.  All discounts must be used by the end of the next month or they will expire.
10% - 32+ hours
8% - 24 hours
5% - 16 hours
2% - 8 hours