Why Sprout Seeds?

We live in a place of beauty and nature; we are surrounded by trails, mountains, and lakes, it’s an amazing place to live!  However, living here does come with some interesting challenges, our long cold winters, shorter growing seasons, and a lack of natural vitamin D during parts of the year.   I am sure you know that feeling of just wanting to eat something green, healthy, and fresh long before a garden in this area could grow it.  Did you know you can, without a lot of work or time (less than a week to grow).  Sprouts are little fresh bundles of nutrients; they are just a tiny version of the plant that would eventually grow.  This puts the all those nutrients in a much tinier package! 

There are references of sprouts being used as medicine from thousands of years ago.  They have were also used to ward off scurvy during long times at sea in the 18th century.  They are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, some even have amino acids in them.  The type of seeds that you choose to sprout changes what nutritional value they have.  Some of the more popular are, mung, adzuki, lentils, radishes, and broccoli.  When you choose a seed you want to not only look at what nutritional benefits it has but that it is a seed meant for sprouting and how it is meant to be used once sprouted.  Some seeds are best raw for salads or even on a sandwich while others go great in soups or other cooked dishes.  You want to choose a good company to ensure that your seeds are of good quality and not chemically treat. 

Once you get your seeds you can choose what method to sprout sounds best for you.  You can purchase a kit or sprout your seeds in a jar or even on a plate.  You simply want to soak your seeds to wake it up from dormancy, then rinse and drain them once a day to allow them to grow and keep bacteria at bay.  Continue to do this for a few days (read the instructions on your seeds packages each is different) and in less than a week you will have sprouts ready to eat, cook or store in the fridge for another 5-7 days.

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Now just to pick how to eat them here are a few yummy recipes:

Hunan Mung Beans in Outrageous Dressing

Classic Bean Sprout Stir Fry

Raw Sprouted Chickpea Hummus

For the really ambitious – Sprouted Bread