Product Spotlight - North Country Creamery

Happy cows equal happy fridge!

Do you have a favorite kind of North Country Yogurt?  In our house we love them all but Maple Lemon tops the list.  

North Country Creamery is located in Keeseville,  NY and owned by Ashlee Kleinhammer & Steven Googin.  They make there yogurt and cheese with milk from their cows and use only natural ingredients, you won't find any added colors or stabilizer in it!    

There cows live the good life on 112 acres of land, eating the healthiest food for them: 100% grass.   Cows just like humans need proper food to promote proper digestion, health, and of course great tasting milk.  They are rotated from pasture to pasture ensuring that the grass has time to recover and the soil is fertilized. 

North Country Creamery is committed to treating their cows in the best way possible.  Not only does their yogurt and cheese taste good you know the cow that helped make it is happy and the practices used are sustainable.  The Creamery holds a few different titles 100% grass-fed, Non-GMO, and Animal Welfare Approved (AWA).

The AWA's standards are currently the strictest in the US.  Some of the requirements are that animals must be on pasture,  they must be family farms, and they can't have a dual farm system.  This is where one group of animals is treated better than another on the same farm.    With the highest standards and strict inspection system you can feel good when you purchase products that have been AWA approved.

So whether you enjoy your yogurt plain, with fruit, or sweetened with local maple syrup,  make sure to remember the happy cows that helped make it the next time you have some.