Product Spotlight -Spindrift Soda

The Story

After growing up with a healthy lifestyle with the occasional natural soda the creator of Spindrift found  a love for Diet Coke and no real alternative.   In a quest to make a sweet treat that is as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible Spindrift was created!  While Soda has a pretty bad name these days, especially if you are trying to eat healthy, every once and awhile even the healthiest of us wants a sweet treat! 

The Solution

Spindrift is a line of sodas and seltzer that will hopefully make you think a little differently about soda.  Created with only fresh squeezed juices, cane sugar, and triple filtered water it is the tasty treat that won't make you wonder what's in it.  For those who don't want the cane sugar try one of the raspberry-lime seltzers with no added sugar and just 10 calories.

The Cause

While you sip on your refreshing drink with it's fresh flavors and sparkling goodness make sure to flip over the cap and see what cause your purchase helped.  Mine was the Cape Fear River Watch a group committed to improving the water quality of the lower Cape Fear River Basin.  

To read more about Spindrift and there causes visit there website.     

We currently have just a few flavors to try out: Ginger Beer ($2.49 each), Raspberry-Lime Seltzer ($1.99 each), and Sparkling Lemonade ($2.49 each).  Stop in and grab one then share your thoughts and The Cause you supported in the comments!!