Q: What is the Ticonderoga Natural Food Co-op?
A.The Ticonderoga Natural Food Co-op is a full service grocery store, with a  priority on affordable local, organic, and sustainable food.  As a cooperative, it is member-owned, but it is also open to the public.  Co-ops operate democratically and as member-owners you are able to vote for the board and have regular opportunities to provide input and feedback.

Q: Where is it?  A: The Co-Op is located in Downtown Ticonderoga at 111 Montcalm St.

Q: Do I need to volunteer to be a member? A: No we do not require volunteer hours from our members, but you are welcome to volunteer.

Q: Can anyone shop at the Co-op?
A: The Co-op is open to the public for shopping.  Member-owners will receive discounts on selected items and will share in the profits, but anyone is welcome to shop. 

Q: Why should I join?
A: Co-op member-ownership means putting your dollars where your values are: the cooperative system, healthy communities and supporting local farms and businesses.  Co-ops and their money are owned and controlled by their member-owners, therefore member-owners provide the basic capital to start the Co-op. It starts with you!